Dundalk Raw Business Pot Luck

Dundalk Raw Business Pot Luck

  A post wrote by The Olde Town Hall team

Today we had a great time representing Team Town Hall at the Dundalk Raw Family Potluck. Everyone present seemed to have a fantastic time, the food was amazing, but what really made an impact was the generousity of so many local community members who came out to support our town hall. We didn't get a head count but we know there were 25 businesses who supported the effort, what looked to be about 100 people present, and $1005 dollars raised to kickoff the start of our Team Town Hall project fund. 

Thank you to everyone - businesses - Dundalk Raw - and community members who have shown your support to help us get this project rolling. We know this building means so much to so many and we are just beginning! 

- Team Town Hall

PS. If you have photos of the hall, memories you'd like to share, or are interested in volunteering with us, please shoot us a message or email [email protected]