Raws First Bday

By Dane Gerzone - May 29, 2023
Raws First Bday
Party went exactly as we wanted! Stayed under 100 people, everyone treated the private property we were on with the utmost respect. 

Thank you to Crystal Garan, Harlee Dimascio & Jessica Miller to put this together, as I've been to busy and it wouldn't have turned out as nice.

Thanks to Ben Shell & @bj for doing an awsome job lighting off the fireworks, couldn't of gone any better. The chaos of one falling over really made the show exciting! 

Thank you to Jason Shouldice for making sure all our wood made it out.

Thank you to our 50/50 winner Keilagh Heeley for donating her winnings back to the group. We are well on our way to being able to do a winter get together in Februaryish.

Thanks to everyone who made it out even though you never met anyone there before.

There were people from Owensound-Orangeville who made it out. Hope next time you'll come kick it in the sticks with us!