Mathias Oliver

Gary The Gorilla

Town Mascot

Introducing Gary the Gorilla: The Charismatic Mascot of Dundalk Raw
Meet Gary, the friendly and charismatic mascot of Dundalk Raw! With his larger-than-life personality and infectious enthusiasm, Gary is here to bring excitement and fun to our community.
As the official mascot of Dundalk Raw, Gary represents the spirit of our vibrant platform and embodies the values we hold dear. With his friendly smile and playful nature, he is always ready to engage with our readers, members, and local businesses.
Gary is more than just a mascot; he symbolizes community, creativity, and connection. Whether cheering on local teams, attending events, or spreading joy through his mischievous antics, Gary is an integral part of the Dundalk Raw family.
Watch for Gary as he appears throughout our community, spreading positivity and creating memorable moments. From high-fiving kids at events to posing for selfies, he's always up for a good time and loves connecting with people from all walks of life.
So, next time you see a friendly gorilla making his way through Dundalk Raw, be sure to give a warm hello to Gary. He's here to make your experience with Dundalk Raw even more enjoyable and remind us of the power of unity, laughter, and community spirit.
Join us in celebrating the presence of Gary the Gorilla, Dundalk Raw's beloved mascot, as he continues to bring smiles, laughter, and a touch of wild fun to our community.

Justina Glenice

Dane Gerzone

Operations Manager

Introducing Dane Gerzone: The Hilarious Creator Behind Dundalk Raw
Dane Gerzone, the creative mind behind Dundalk Raw, has a story that resonates with many. Growing up in Dundalk, Ontario, he faced his fair share of challenges, growing up poor and unpopular among his peers. But one thing remained constant through it all: Dane's extraordinary ability to make others laugh.
As a young student in Dundalk, Dane discovered his passion for comedy and its power to bring others joy. While his academic pursuits may not have been his top priority, his knack for humour and infectious smile became his trademarks. Rather than focusing on schoolwork, Dane was determined to uplift spirits and create moments of laughter wherever he went.
Despite still being poor and enduring periods of unpopularity, Dane's unwavering commitment to making people laugh has remained steadfast. His unique brand of humour has become his superpower, allowing him to connect with people from all walks of life.
With the creation of Dundalk Raw, Dane has channelled his comedic talents into a platform that celebrates the vibrant community he calls home. Through entertaining content, engaging events, and a touch of his signature humour, he strives to bring a smile to the faces of Dundalk Raw residents and beyond.
While Danes' popularity still suffers, his genuine desire to spread laughter and connect with others remains his driving force. He understands laughter's profound impact, bringing people together and brightening even the darkest days.
So, as you explore Dundalk Raw and engage with the community, remember the man behind the scenes, Dane Gerzone. His journey from a poor, unpopular, and likely inbred pos to a comedic force showcases the power of resilience and the importance of finding joy in life's simplest moments.
Join Dane and the Dundalk Raw community in embracing the laughter, celebrating the uniqueness of our stories, and finding humour even in the most unexpected places. After all, life may throw its challenges our way, but with laughter, we can all make our days a little brighter.

Valeria Decima


Primary Admin

Introducing Erin: The Charismatic Admin Powering Dundalk Raw
Meet Erin, one of the extraordinary admins behind the scenes at Dundalk Raw. Her journey to becoming the primary admin of the platform is a testament to her exceptional sense of humour, unwavering dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond to help the community.
Erin's infectious charm, positive attitude, and hard work have played a pivotal role in shaping Dundalk Raw into the thriving platform it is today. Her passion for the community shines through in every decision she makes and interaction with the members.
Erin's opinions and approvals hold significant weight as a vital part of the Dundalk Raw team. With her keen sense of humour and insightful perspectives, she ensures that the platform stays true to its values while continuing to entertain and engage its audience.
Beyond her role in Dundalk Raw, Erin's kindness extends to the broader community. She generously volunteers her time, leveraging the platform's reach to raise thousands of dollars for various causes across Ontario. From supporting schools and local organizations like the Legion, the Lions and the lioness club to helping raise money for shelters and individuals in need, Erin's compassionate spirit knows no bounds.
While her kindness and warmth are apparent, it's worth noting that Erin's strong-willed nature is also part of her charm. You'll find a genuine friend and ally in Erin if you haven't upset her. Her commitment to fairness and the community's well-being ensures that Dundalk Raw remains a space where everyone feels heard but not necessarily respected.
So, the next time you interact with Dundalk Raw, remember Erin's indispensable role behind the scenes. Her sense of humour, dedication, and unwavering support has transformed the platform into a vibrant, inclusive space fostering connection and goodwill.
Let's celebrate Erin and the incredible work she does, both as an admin and as a compassionate community member. Dundalk Raw wouldn't be the same without her, and we are truly fortunate to have her as a driving force behind our shared journey.
Join us in expressing gratitude for Erin's contributions, and together, let's continue to make Dundalk Raw a place where laughter, kindness, and community spirit thrive.

Ivar Otmar


Primary Moderator

Introducing Brittney: The Spirited Contributor of Dundalk Raw
Let us introduce you to Brittney, an intriguing presence within the Dundalk Raw community. While her unique qualities and contributions may differ from the conventional, she brings her spirited energy to the platform.
Brittney's magnetic appeal, blonde hair, and prominent physical features have undeniably captured thirsty men's attention. Her presence has drawn the interest of various half-wit individuals, primarily due to her appearance. However, it's essential to recognize that her value extends beyond superficial attributes.
As a moderator of Dundalk Raw, Brittney adds a touch of excitement through engaging posts and interactions. While her contributions may not align with everyone's preferences, she brings her own brand of liveliness to the community, which can provoke positive and passionate reactions.
Brittney is like a wild horse, unbound by societal expectations and unapologetically true to herself. While she may not conform to the traditional mould of a moderator, her unpredictable nature keeps things lively and ensures that monotony never sets in. Her untamed spirit cannot be easily harnessed for extended periods. Still, it ignites the community with bursts of energy when unleashed.
In her downtime, Brittney finds solace in indulging in simple pleasures. Watching the movie Sweet Home Alabama, nestled comfortably in bed while savouring junk food and sharing humorous memes are her chosen sources of relaxation and entertainment. These little moments of bliss allow her to recharge and approach life with a fresh perspective.
Beyond her role as a moderator, Brittney has served as a model for the group, directly supporting local causes through merchandise sales. Her involvement has contributed to the success of initiatives aimed at making a positive impact within the community.
It's worth noting that Brittney operates on her own unique timeline. Punctuality might not be her strong suit, but her spontaneous nature adds an element of unpredictability that keeps things interesting. She embraces the philosophy of living in the present, prioritizing enjoyment over a long commitment.
So, while Brittney's presence within Dundalk Raw may be unconventional, she brings her own vibrant energy and contributes to the tapestry of diversity within our community. Let us appreciate her for the unapologetic spirit she embodies and the unique experiences she brings to the table.
Dundalk Raw is where diverse personalities and perspectives intersect, fostering a vibrant tapestry of community spirit. Join us in embracing the dynamic energy Brittney adds to our collective journey, appreciating the good times we share.

Avril Margareta


Administrative Assistant

Introducing Allison: The Fearlessly Hilarious Admin of Dundalk Raw
Let us introduce you to Allison, a vital Dundalk Raw administration team member. Known for her twisted sense of humour and the ability to march to the beat of her drum, Allison brings a unique flavour to the platform that cannot be ignored.
With her seemingly cute exterior, Allison surprises many with her unapologetic attitude and complete disregard for what others may think. She fearlessly embraces her individuality, making her an integral part of the Dundalk Raw community.
While Allison's humour may be unconventional, it adds a touch of irreverence and wit to the platform. She has a knack for pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, leaving some feeling shaken. It's essential to note that her sharp tongue and no-nonsense approach are reserved for those who cross her path incorrectly.
Born and raised in Meaford and now residing in Owen Sound, Allison's love for metal music perfectly complements her fiery personality. Her unconventional tastes mirror her vibrant spirit, and she embraces her unique interests without hesitation.
A favourite among the crowd, Allison has a natural talent for making people laugh. She enjoys watching others react and get worked up over posts that could easily be scrolled past. It's her way of reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously and to find humour in unexpected places.
Always willing to lend a helping hand and actively involved in Dundalk Raw events, Allison's commitment to the community is unwavering. She stands as a pillar of support, ensuring the platform continues thriving and providing a space for connection and laughter.
The Dundalk Raw community wouldn't be the same without Allison. Her fearlessness, infectious humour, and relentless dedication have left an indelible mark on the platform and its members.
So, let's raise a toast to Allison, celebrating her ability to challenge norms, inspire laughter, and ignite a sense of community. In a world where conformity often prevails, Allison's spirit reminds us to embrace individuality and find joy in the unexpected.
Join us in appreciating the invaluable role Allison plays within Dundalk Raw. Let's celebrate the vibrant diversity and unyielding humour that make our community unique.

Judith Leone


Human Resources

Introducing Misti: The Heartwarming Human Resource of Dundalk Raw
Allow us to introduce you to Misti, the compassionate and nurturing force behind the human resources of Dundalk Raw. In a community filled with diverse personalities, Misti stands out as a kind soul, embodying the essence of a mother figure cherished by many.
Misti's persistent presence and dedication to Dundalk Raw have made her an integral part of the platform's journey. Through the highs and lows, she has remained steadfast, offering her invaluable support to the community and playing a vital role in the organization of Raw events.
While others may grow jaded over time, Misti continues to radiate love and kindness. Her unwavering spirit uplifts those around her, providing a safe haven where members can find solace and support. Misti's genuine care for others goes beyond the surface, making her a dear friend to many within the community.
With a deep-rooted desire to witness happiness and joy in the lives of others, Misti thrives on the positive energy that flows through Dundalk Raw. Her nurturing nature and innate ability to bring people together have earned her the admiration and respect of her fellow members.
Beyond her role in Dundalk Raw, Misti is known for her fascination with rocks and her affinity for all things Reese's peanut butter. As a witch, she finds solace and connection in the natural world, drawing inspiration from the earth's energy and embracing her unique spiritual path.
Misti's presence within Dundalk Raw is a gentle reminder that kindness and compassion can thrive even in the most diverse and dynamic communities. Her unwavering love and genuine care create a sense of unity and belonging that sets the stage for meaningful connections and shared experiences.
Let us celebrate Misti, the heartwarming soul who adds a touch of warmth and empathy to Dundalk Raw. Her nurturing spirit, dedication, and unwavering support have significantly impacted the community, ensuring that it remains a space where individuals can find acceptance, friendship, and joy.
Together, let's embrace Misti's presence, appreciate her unique contributions, and continue to foster an environment where kindness and love flourish.

David Myron


Chief Glory Hole Attendant

Introducing Matt: The Useless Moderator of Dundalk Raw
Let us introduce Matt, a useless and unvalued Dundalk Raw moderation team member. While some may perceive him in a particular light, it's essential to recognize the significance of his presence within the community.
Often affectionately referred to as the "male nipple" of the group, Matt brings his unique perspective and contributions to Dundalk Raw. While his humour may be rated at a modest 5 out of 10 on the funny scale, it's essential to appreciate the diversity of spirit within our community.
Matt's involvement in Dundalk Raw events may vary as he juggles responsibilities at home. Sometimes his wife allows him to join the events, but often he must prioritize completing his chores. It's a testament to his commitment and dedication to his family and the community.
In selecting Matt to be part of the moderation team, Dundalk Raw demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and embracing individuals from all walks of life. Matt represents the importance of recognizing and including those facing mental challenges, ensuring everyone's voice is heard and valued within the community.
While Matt's contributions may differ from others, his presence serves as a reminder that diversity and inclusion are at the core of Dundalk Raw's values. By embracing individuals like Matt, we create a space where everyone feels accepted and valued for who they are.
Let us celebrate Matt's unique perspective and contributions, appreciating his presence as a symbol of inclusivity within Dundalk Raw. Together, we can foster an environment that values diversity, supports individuals with varying abilities, and embraces the beauty of inclusivity.
So, as we move forward, let's continue to create a community that uplifts and empowers all its members, recognizing that every individual brings something special to the table, regardless of how they are perceived.

Daly Rodolfo


The Gay People Representative

Introducing: Stephan, the well-hung gay.

But before the gays get too excited, he is one of the Gays Against Groomers. So if you're into exposing kids to inappropriate stuff, you will likely call him a homophobic bigot.

Stephen is a remarkable individual who possesses an extraordinary sense of humour, making him a beloved figure in the vibrant community of Dundalk Raw. As a well-endowed and happily married homosexual, he brings a unique perspective to the table. Stephen's recent appointment as the new gay representative for the group is a testament to his dedication and advocacy for LGB rights. His charismatic personality and quick wit shine through in every conversation, bringing joy and laughter to those around him. Stephen's presence adds an invaluable dynamic to the community, as he uses his humour to bridge gaps and foster understanding. With his infectious laughter and sharp comedic timing, Stephen is a gem in Dundalk Raw, ensuring that smiles and laughter are never in short supply.

All complaints by the gays and the homophobes are now to be directed to Stephen.

Daly Rodolfo

Help Wanted

Digital Creators

Seeking a Digital Creator: Join the Dundalk Raw Team
Are you a digital content enthusiast looking for an exciting opportunity to make an impact? Dundalk Raw is searching for a dedicated individual to fill the role of Digital Creator within our dynamic team.
As a Digital Creator for Dundalk Raw, you will have the chance to showcase your creative talents and contribute to the growth and success of our community. We are looking for someone who can commit to dedicating an hour or two each week to assist us in crafting engaging and captivating digital content.
In this role, you will be free to explore your creativity and bring fresh ideas. Whether it's designing eye-catching graphics, creating engaging videos, or crafting compelling written content, your contribution will help shape the digital presence of Dundalk Raw.
As a Digital Creator, you will work closely with our team to align your content with our brand's values and objectives. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, and bring your unique perspective. Your creations will be instrumental in driving engagement, fostering a sense of community, and capturing the essence of Dundalk Raw.
We are seeking someone with a passion for digital content creation and a willingness to learn and grow. Prior experience in graphic design, video editing, or content writing is preferred but optional. What matters most is your enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to making a meaningful impact within our community.
Join us at Dundalk Raw, where we believe in the power of digital storytelling to connect people, spark conversations, and inspire laughter. This is your chance to contribute to a vibrant and growing community while showcasing your digital creation skills.
Suppose you're ready to bring your talent and passion to Dundalk Raw. In that case, we invite you to apply for the position of Digital Creator. Together, let's create engaging and captivating digital content that amplifies the spirit of our community and leaves a lasting impression on our members.
Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of something special. Apply now and help shape the digital landscape of Dundalk Raw!
Email: [email protected]